What do you do to ensure a good foundation pour?

We know your Foundation is critical to the long term safety and quality of your home. We add extra rebar to our foundations to ensure they are stronger than code minimum! 

We've heard the horror stories about builders taking shortcuts, particularly in the framing. How do you take steps to prevent this?

Our quality control team checks your framing with LASERS to ensure they are true and plumb, they will also remove any twisted or bent studs and verify that everything is framed at 16" on center.  Even when 24" framing is allowed by code. All while being recorded in daily logs accessible from your very own web portal.

My friend just had a home built with another builder and her floors tend to squeak a lot. If I where to build with you, how would you prevent the dreaded Squeaky floors?

Our wood floor systems are designed to be 33% stronger than code minimum. Some contractors staple their floors, others glue and staple. Not on your home! Your floors are Glued Down and fastened with a specialized "ring shank" nail to prevent nail pullout and squeaks. But we don't stop there - after the rough in trades are complete - we screw down your entire floor for a tight and quiet floor system

My wife and I will retire soon, can you design a home that will continue to be functional for us well into our Golden years?

Your home should be accessible for your entire life and for any guest that comes to visit! Accordingly, all of our homes can be provided without any steps at the main floor entry doors. We can also use 36" wide doors throughout!

Do you use a quality roofing material for you builds?

Although most of our roofing comes with a lifetime warranty, we only install 30 year warranty products or better!

I don't have a house plan, and really want something unique. Can you design my home just from what I describe?

Sure can! We design most of the homes we build and can also build from a plan that is purchased.  Custom design brings together all those things you love in your home so you can enjoy them every moment you are there!

Building a home can be a huge financial undertaking, what assurance do I have that my project funding isn't being misappropriated?

Our Clients have the peace of mind knowing that we are an "open book" contractor. Our financial transparency ensures you know your budget inside and out and never pay more than it cost to build your home!

I want to be kept in the loop while my home is being built. How do you communicate what's happening on your projects to your clients?

Lewis Construction is a proud partner with Buildertrend management software. This gives you a web page for your project that you can access for free via smart phone, tablet or PC. You'll receive constant updates on your project including email communication, product selections, optional pricing, budget updates and the current project schedule & completion date. Accessible 24-7

Do you offer any type of warranty with your homes?

You bet! We stand behind our work! If you choose to work with Lewis Construction, you immediately have the opportunity to obtain  a 10 year, insurance backed, structural warranty!

I have had issues with mold in the past, what steps do you take to prevent water leaks?

Leaks in your windows and siding can create the conditions for mold in your walls and cause major damage to your home. We go above and beyond by using metal flashing over all of our door and window heads as well as self sealing membrane adhesive at all door/window perimeters and between our siding joints.

As for the underside of your home, each site is evaluated for the risk of underground water intrusion. From damp proofing to complex foundation drain systems,  we make sure your home is protected from underground water!